Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Reviewing a wonderful day!

Ahhhhhh... what a great day yesterday! Finally felt like a real vacation day!

It started out humid and wayyyy overcast. I headed out for my run - my achilles continues to bother me some, but after I got warmed up it felt okay. Went just over 7 miles.

I got home and jumped in the shower and we had an early lunch. I made 2 ingredient pancakes for the first time (recipe to come). Then we headed out.

Mother Nature must be feeling really bad about how she's been treating us. Because we headed out to the beach - it was warm but still overcast. We walked the short 1.5 miles down to the water and the sun came out brilliantly!

We spent the next few hours playing with the dogs and in the water. Have I mentioned that Boxers supposedly hate the water? Neither of my boys got the memo on that one!

I wore the same bikini as last year so I pulled out the pic. Now, granted, I was still swollen post surgery last year but there's only a few pounds difference in the pics and I think I look much different...

May 2012


We headed home and made a quick stop for some groceries. That included some steak and fresh mushrooms for dinner. Yum! We've cut way back on red meat in the course of this journey, but I still enjoy a nice steak once and a while!! Just as Marc was finishing the steak on the grill the skies opened up and it poured - so I didn't even have to water the flowers - it was done for me!!! I'm not high maintenance - a day spent hanging in the sun with all my guys - that's enough to recharge my batteries and make me smile!!!

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