Saturday, July 13, 2013

The fruits of my labor!

As you all know, I have been spending HOURS working on my flower gardens.  The hard work has paid off and I'd like to show it off!  
The front of our house. 

 This bed has been my nemesis for years.  There is a vine that just grows like CRAZY in here and it has been TRASHED.  It was so bad, I truly thought it would be impossible to get it looking nice without ripping out everything and starting over.  But I emerged VICTORIOUS!

 The other side that has the same vine issue.  This Hosta grows beautifully every year!
 A fairly new bed.  The back part has sunflowers growing in it which will blossom - hopefully - next month.
 This bed sits out near the road.

Another view.

Side of our garage.

 Marc bought this planter and flag hanger for my birthday this year.
 A view towards the road.
 I added this bed last year.  My uncle made the trellis for me and a yellow trumpet vine is climbing it. 

A close up of the Butterfly Weed that is in that bed.

 Close up of the Red Yarrow there.

 Across the road at out mailbox.  It has Iris' that have gone past, but also has some sunflowers growing in it.
 From the road.

In our back yard.

Love this decoration.

Some people say it's weird that I have flowers on my chicken coop!

The front part of our addition.

  So, there it is.  Hard to believe that this took HOURS of work, but I am delighted with the results!!

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