Saturday, July 6, 2013

This post has gone to the dogs!

Today's post is going to be all about my Boxer Boys!  If you have no interest in hearing me talk up my dogs, well, you should skip today's post!

I was so proud of my boys while we were camping.  We have done a good job training them, I know, but I think that they are just good dogs because we love and care for them and they want to please us.  

When we got there, we saw that the campsite next to us had some very wound up and barky Brittany Spaniels.  As the spaniels barked and stared at our dogs, Chakotay and Archer both just laid there and watched them.  They joined us by the fire at night, laying at our feet without us worrying at all that they would mis-behave. 

That first day full that we were there and it rained so hard.  They ran along with us without reservation or complaint.  We had them off leash with their backpacks on and they stayed right near us and braved out the miserable weather.  That night, all of us were squished in the tent together and they laid on their beds and didn't even bother us as we sat there trying the eat our dinner balanced on the air mattress.

The next day, when we were hiking in Taughannock State Park we didn't have to worry about them walking around all the people and little kids.  They were even sweet to all the kids that came up and wanted to pet them.

 Here there are on a concrete resting bench amongst about 150 stairs that you climb.

Here we are about 1/2 through the hike.

Tuesday, July 2, was Chakotay's 4th birthday.  So while we ate dinner the boys got marrow bones as Chakotay's birthday treat.

And that night when it started pouring?  We took them off their tie-outs and said "Head for the tent!"  And they did - without wandering off!

Since we had to make stops they had to spend some time in the car alone, and they were so well behaved - they just laid there and patiently waited for us.

 The final day, they got to wander around Howland's Island.

 Even when they saw a deer - they started to take off, but as soon as we called them back, they came. 

Their reward for such good behavior?  A nice long period of playtime in the canal!

Most dogs wouldn't cross this type of bridge with the lattice work metal.  Although it couldn't have felt great on their paws, they crossed it with us!

As a side note, you may or may not be able to tell from these pics, but Chakotay is continuing to lose weight.  I'll post some updated photos later.

But, anyway, I just had to take some time - like any proud parent - to brag about my wonderful boys!

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  1. Sounds like they enjoyed it - weather good or not. Very good puppies!