Friday, October 4, 2013

Exploring alternatives...

First I have to tell you - it feels really good to be back on track.  Mentally and physically I feel like I am back at it.  Eating has been in check all week, I am continuing to exercise and I seem to be back where I was before The Great Meltdown of September 2013.

Someone posted on the weight loss site today about feeling hopeless.  Like it just can't be done.  Someone replied that she wasn't sure if she should give her a kick in the ass or a hug.  She asked her what I thought was a pretty profound question - "What is the alternative?"

As I've said so many times on here - Being fat is HARD.  Losing weight is HARD.  Choose your HARD.

And that is the sucky reality, right?  I mean when it comes to weight, there are 3 things you can be doing - LOSING, GAINING or MAINTAINING.  That's it - there are no other options.

So what are you doing and how do you feel about it?  If you are not happy what are you doing to change it? If you are not where you want to be - for example if you are maintaining, but you're maintaining at a weight that you don't like, what are you changing in your life to get moving in another direction?  Or if you previously lost weight and now are gaining?  What are you doing to stop that cycle?

We all know pretty much WHAT we have to do, it's the DOING that can get so hard!  

So it's Friday.  How about a re-evaluation?  If you are content with your progress right now - no matter which of the 3 you are experiencing, then YAY!  Keep it up.  Maybe take a moment and reflect on what is happening that is making you successful right now.  Because, trust me, you're going to need to remember it somewhere down the road!

If you are not content with where you stand then you need to sit down and figure out WHY you aren't where you want to be and make a plan to change it. 

What is the alternative?  Staying unhappily where you are.  For how much longer?  Hours, days, weeks, months, years???  Not me.  I waited too long as it is!

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