Friday, November 1, 2013

Let's express gratitude!

Welcome to November!  For me, I always refuse to acknowledge that late fall is here until after Halloween is over.  So now it begins!  The stores will be filling up with holiday items and people will be settling into baking tempting items.  It always is SUCH a challenge!

I continue to be in a weird place mentally.  I just feel like I'm floating along without a sense of direction.  My weight was down yesterday.  But, because of torrential rain and winds I didn't go out and run.  Instead I took my lunch hour and ran up and down 115 stairs.  Wow - that was a challenge.  If my math is correct, I traveled about 3600 stairs!  And then, go me!  I refused to indulge in ANY Halloween treats - including the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups that Marc bought!

Anyway, I was SORE last night and then this morning.  So when I hopped on the scale this morning it was up about 2 pounds.  And I just stared at the scale like "Are you fucking kidding me?"  I know that this is probably from retaining water from working different muscles to exhaustion.  But I also know that almost everyone out there who is reading this knows the feeling of being SO GOOD and having the scale say "SCREW YOU" rather than rewarding your good behavior!

So then I come into work today and one of my co-workers - a fantastic baker - made a tray of frosted brownies.  I found myself hiding in my office and pouting.  

The rain has left here but the wind is CRAZY - it was blowing at 35-40 MPH but I decided I would not let it be an excuse to not go out and run.  Note:  Running against 35 MPH winds is HARD!  No shit, right?  So on my run I decided that I am going to try something different.  

This month I am going to **try** to be thankful for something.  I want a month of thanks, not just to be thankful on Thanksgiving Day.  I will remind myself on a daily basis this month things that I am grateful for instead of feeling sorry for myself.

Today I am grateful that my Achilles Tendonitis appears to be getting better and I could run almost pain free today.

Who is in to join me in giving thanks this month?

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