Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Be a fool!

This time of year when I get up in the morning it is just barely getting light out.  So today I did what I do most mornings and stumbled into the bathroom bleary eyed and half awake.  We have 3 LARGE windows in that room that face the backyard, but I can't see much when I first get up.  

So I throw the shower on (yes, the shower is FIXED, YAY!!!) and turn on the speaker that allows me to hear the television which we always have on the local station for local news until Good Morning America comes on.  

They give the forecast - sunny and a high of about 50 today!  I've been so jaded, that I half expected they were going to yell "APRIL FOOLS!  We're actually getting a blizzard and the temps are in the teens!"  But no!  Blissfully, thankfully, wonderfully, that forecast is not a cruel joke!!!!

I stepped on the scale and, no foolin', my weight has dropped to not an ideal, but reasonable number.  120.5.  I got dressed in a 3/4 length sleeve lightweight dress.  Not a massive sweater.

Last night I felt good enough to get silly.  I was psyched that the shower was fixed and we also got the furnace cleaned.  I didn't like the BILL, but it needed cleaning and that is one more thing that I don't have to fuss over.

Usually we watch tv while we are downstairs working out.  But Marc was running on the treadmill and he likes to listen to music while he is running.  So while he ran with the music cranked, I lifted weights.  As we got towards the end of the workout, the song Porn Star Dancing came on.  

And I started to dance.  Yup - right there in the basement workout room.  And I got next to the treadmill and did my version of a porn star dancing to entertain Marc.  Apparently I'm not all that enticing when I porn star dance because he just continued to run while I stood there and danced.  

It was stupid and silly - I probably looked like an idiot - but it felt good to feel good.  It's amazing what just a little warmth and sunlight can do for the soul.

I feel a sense of peace returning to me.  I ate well yesterday and plan to keep on track.  

So I issue a challenge to you.  DANCE for a few minutes today.  Do a sexy dance for your boyfriend.  Or a silly jig with your kids.  Or dance with your dog or cat.  Or dance just for yourself - just for a few minutes.  Do it for fun.  Do it without judgement of how you look.  Instead of playing a prank, dance like a fool today!  It feels good, trust me!!


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